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The ER is 3x more expensive than Urgent Care. An average visit to Comprehensive Primary & Urgent Care runs $75-$125.

Short Wait

Minutes in Urgent Care vs Hours in the ER or months to be seen by a primary care in a large healthcare system. Spend 90% less time waiting.


Comprehensive Primary & Urgent Care is in your neighborhood. Walk-ins are welcome at our convenient Athens, Alabama location, offering flexible, extended hours.

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Comprehensive Primary & Urgent Care of Athens, Alabama, ia located in your neighborhood, offering flexible, extended hours. Give us a call or just walk-in for a personalized care experience from providers you can trust.


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Why Choose Comprehensive
Primary & Urgent Care of Athens Alabama

We offer a more convenient and affordable way to get help when you have a medical problem – and without the wait of an Emergency Room or the scheduling months in advance to see your primary care provider. Our experienced providers are equipped with the tools and technology needed to provide the highest quality care. The main difference between our primary and urgent care facility and emergency rooms is the severity of your health problem. If your condition is life-threatening, go to an emergency room as soon as possible. If you’re dealing with a minor illness or injury, need a general wellness exam, or need to establish long-term care with a primary care provider (PCP) take advantage of the convenience and affordability Comprehensive Primary & Urgent Care has to offer!

Our Healthcare Services.

We specialize in customized care to address everyday medical problems like broken bones, lab work, vaccines, physicals, and even routine annual visits and we even work with most major insurance providers.

Family Care

Rely on us for every member of your family’s health.

Urgent Care

For illness, accidents, minor injuries just walk-in.

Routine Checkups

We are urgent care AND full primary care/family medicine.

Wellness Physicals

Follows a specific set of steps approved by Medicare.

Primary Care

Same services as a primary care physician less the wait.

Men’s Physical Exams

You take care of others, so don’t neglect your own health. 

Seasonal Allergies

Walk-in treatment for seasonal allergy symptoms.

Flu Shots

Stop in to get your flu shot here just like a pharmacy. 

Sports & School Physicals

Is your child joining a team or league. Call or walk-in today. 

Children’s Urgent Care

When children are sick or injured, every second counts. 

Vaccines – Immunizations

Vaccines are important to mitigate preventable diseases.

Onsite Labs

We can do most of your lab work in-house without delay.

STD Testing

If you’re sexually active, you need to be tested ASAP. 

COVID-19 Testing

We offer in office rapid COVID-19 antigen AND rapid COVID-19 antibody testing.

Patient Resources and Forms

Please complete and sign the new patient welcome packet below. Please print and bring the forms with you to your appointment or you may email them to

Audra Moore, APRN

Audra Moore, APRN

Family Nurse Practitioner

Audra Moore is a Nurse Practitioner who emphasizes empathy and patient education as a true patient advocate with excellent customer service skills. She has been a member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners since 2015 and has experience in OBGYN, pediatric care, and family medicine.

A Healthcare System Designed for Modern Day

No one has time these days for waiting around months to see their primary care doctor or hours in the Emergency Room for minor health issues that can be seen by our urgent care staff. That’s why Comprehensive Primary & Urgent Care is here. We’re local and open 4-days a week with extended hours for when it matters most to you and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between CPAUC and my current PCP?

What makes us different is the fact that we offer both urgent care AND primary care, where you can establish care with us on a routine basis just like any other primary care provider (or PCP). Even if you have yet to establish with us as your PCP, patients are more than welcome to utilize our urgent care services too. Your primary doctor plays a very important part in your long-term health.

PCPs know your medical history and the conditions you’ve suffered from. They have access to your medical records and can therefore come to more educated conclusions when you come to them with symptoms. This is particularly important when managing chronic conditions. PCPs can be your home base for illness or chronic condition management, and can advise you on the next step based on everything you’ve already tried.

Urgent care clinics handle basically the same conditions as a primary doctor’s clinic. When you’re not feeling well. The times you need basic shots (like the flu shot) or stitches. To get your prescriptions renewed. When you need tests done (lab tests, strep tests).


What's the difference between urgent care and the ER?

(If you feel you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please visit your closest Emergency Room)

Urgent care clinics like Comprehensive Primary & Urgent Care are here to support patients going through urgent medical conditions. We don’t deal with life threatening conditions – that’s what the ER is for – but we do help patients who can’t wait weeks or months for a family doctor appointment.

See our services for how we can help you and your family and to see the minor conditions we treat.


Is Urgent Care Cheaper than going to the Emergency Room?

Financial Considerations should not dissuade you from going directly to the emergency room if you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency.

An average visit to Comprehensive Primary & Urgent Care is between $75 – $125. Often times urgent care is less expensive than going to the emergency room due to the fact that urgent care facilities like Comprehensive Primary & Urgent Care deal with less serious medical conditions compared to the ER. But when you or a loved one are feeling sick, has a broken limb, or need to renew a prescription, we will certainly be the better option and significantly cheaper than the ER as long as you are NOT experiencing a potentially life-threatening emergency. In that case, please visit your local Emergency Room as soon as possible.


Does CPAUC Take Insurance?

Absolutely, we work with most major insurance providers. Even if we are considered out of network with your insurance coverage, we will be happy to supply you with all the necessary paperwork for you to file for reimbursement from your insurance company.

Walk in Appointments Available Daily

Comprehensive Primary & Urgent Care is in your neighborhood, offering extended hours so give us a call or just walk-in for a personalized care experience from providers you can trust.

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